Last Updated: December 2013

MM Brownlow

Welcome to my new and improved web site!

All of the books written so far take place on the continent of Obyra.  A map of the continent is included under the ?Tales from Obyra? link, and clicking on the kingdom names will bring up characters and stories that focus on those kingdoms.

Additional new content on the web site includes a timeline and the ideal reading order of stories both currently available and forthcoming is below.  Take a look around and enjoy!

Ideal Reading Order for the Tales from Obyra

  1. The King?s Assassin
  2. War Torn
  3. Bells & Blades
  4. Whispers
  5. Sacrifices *
  6. Retaliation *
  • The King?s Assassin Trilogy
  • The Deadly Decisions Trilogy

* Forthcoming

The Pursuing Victory series is a companion series.  It adds to the stories told in the King?s Assassin trilogy and the books are all written to end at the same point in the timeline as Bells & Blades.

  1. The Pursuit of Power - Callum?s Tale
  2. The Pursuit of Revenge - Avalon?s Tale
  3. The Pursuit of Fortune - Henry?s Tale *
  4. The Pursuit of Conquest - Rhys? Tale*

* Forthcoming